Belly Dancing Video Testimonials

Sue Writes…

Very excellent! Even though I know the material, I know I can benefit by going thru them again with such precise break-downs! Beginners will love it also. Sue.

Hi Cory,

I went to the belly dance class here in Charleston and just observed and i thought the teacher was lovely, a tiny young blonde goddess. the students were middle aged like me. all they did was cut up and waste time while the teacher was teaching them the routine. i thought that the students should have paid more attention. may be i am spoiled by your teaching DVDs. you break it down so well that any one can learn and there are no distractions by other people. i love all the ones i have received. i wish i had known about you along time ago. thank you so very much for all your good work and teaching.



When people have a bad experience, they tell apprx. 10 people, but when they have a good one, they usually tell only 1 or 2. I have been guilty of this — I have been enjoying my videos so much I’ve been putting off saying to. I love Cory’s style — it is the style that drew me to belly dance back in the day. I love the way zills are presented as an integral part of the dance, not just a prop, and that the arms are taught as one fluid sequence, the way they should be used. I also love that you get the context as well, both from studio & live performances and from Cory’s advice. She is a lovely dancer and seems like a very nice person, too. The down side is that I will now have to go back on my “no more video purchases this quarter” vow…
Thank you for ‘keeping it real!’


Suspira Writes…

Hi There!

I got your video, thank you. I really like Cory’s style. She’s a fantastic dancer, and I’d love to meet her as well someday. By the way, I’m so excited, my new house has a dance studio where I will be teaching. Can’t wait. 🙂

Hope all is well for you, and thank you again for everything. You have such a pure heart.



The Goddess Writes….

Hi Ms. Cory, I am writing to you from Cleveland, Ohio after watching 2 of your videos that i found on e-bay. I am now 48 years old, and i was a professional belly dancer. I got interested when i was 17, i saw a beautiful Turkish dancer here, and fell in love with the dance and the costumes. She did Turkish Cabaret. i studied her moves, and worked in front of a mirror every chance i got, and when i was 29 years old, i was Referred at a Greek restaurant here in Cleveland. I just had to write to you because I don’t see many dancers anymore doing the Turkish Cabaret, and you, my dear, perform it exquisitely. I must ask you if you are of the “ethnic” persuasion, because you really understand the music and marry your moves well with it. I am Greek, and i was raised on Greek, Turkish, and Egyptian music, so i like to think that i know what i’m talking about!

Do you have any other videos available? On your Crossroads video, i like the young man’s cymbals, he plays them well, and he dances very well……he brings to mind Amir, (Eddie Garabedian) do you remember him??? And the young lady who does the cane dance really blew me away. Although i was a size 10 while i danced professionally, i am now about her size and am wondering where she got her costumes from. i cant find anything to go around my wide hips!!! And i have danced outdoors in the grass with my sword, and thats quite a feat when the ground is uneven!! Bellydancing has died in Cleveland, there are no more Middle Eastern or Mediterranean clubs around where a dancer would feel “at home”. Your videos are such a joy, thank you for bringing some sunshine back into my life!!! i will send you a picture of me, and i do hope to hear from you. Most Sincerely, A sister in dance, Athena “The Goddess” p.s. yes, that is my real name!.

Hello Zamora,


My gosh, where do I start?…. lol…. I got all three DVD’s in the mail today, and I have watched the Unisex Veil Tie DVD and the Cane DVD…in a bit I will watch dancing with veils vol 2.
I must tell you that I was very surprised to hear you mention my name in the Unisex veil DVD,,,,, WOW!
that’s quite an honor and I must thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the kindness and inspiration you have given and opened me up to. I must admit though, that my head is a bit spinning with SO much information and material that you have covered in just these 2 DVDs. and yet I have one more to go…
LOL…..This is all just too good to be true..
Your teaching is delightfully raw, its IN the moment, Its real, having just watched these two DVDs and now sitting here writing you and thinking about it all… I feel so alive, and I feel that my own style is alive, because I never really physically felt my own personal style as a Male Dancer, until I acquired your powerful work through DVD.. Through your teaching, you have opened me up in so many ways to this dance.
You also mentioned in the DVD, that you had experienced some criticism of the Sword and Tray DVD, that you supposedly had not broken down the movements enough for some who viewed it. This kind of upsets me, because I feel that they have cut themselves off to a very gifted and unique style of teaching of both in studio and through viewing through performance, which to me, is probably one of the most powerful and useful forms of learning… through seeing, and feelings. The interpretation of the music, the zills, the timing, the expression, the passion, the interaction with the audience. This is Raw, this is Real. You teach us how to tell a story through our music and movement.
Also, whats so awesome about it all, is Tomas’s unique videography, he utilizes many different angles of a performance that if one really opens up and views it, they will see these same moves, but from a different perspective each time. He makes us feel as if we are sitting at a table in the club, or Fair you are performing at, which is something that one doesn’t get to see in dance DVDs today. So i always am grateful for his work as well.
Gregory looks so magnificent, beautiful and powerful in his performance as well, as always. There is so much information to pour through here, so you can bet ill be busy practicing for a long time..;-) One of my all time favorite moves is the Heel Ball Flat.. very earthy and strong, i just love it.

There is so much to say, and i could go on and on all night… but i think you know how i feel, and Please know just how Grateful and Blessed I feel right now.

THANK YOU so very much Zamora, and much love to you.

Chris in Vermont


Hi Cory,

I’m just writing to let you know how much I love your new video; I can’t wait until the next one comes out. Although I take your class, this “arms” video is just great for the rest of the week. The simplistic approach is quite easy to follow and enjoyable as well. I can’t believe a workout without any weights can be so invigorating. My arms feel more toned after following the video than after a workout using weights. This makes it great for anyone (beginning or advanced) interested in bellydancing or anyone wanting a great arms and shoulders workout. All the encouraging words you use in the video make me forget I’m not actually in your class. One of the reasons it is so easy to follow is all the analogies you use to describe the movements. All these great exercises combined with your unique teaching style and some great music make the video something I can play at anytime, without getting bored. I am definitely waiting for your next one.




Hi Cory!

I just wanted to drop a line to express how happy I am to have found your videos. I recently purchased 3 of them on eBay, from Tomas Martinez – and can honestly say I couldn’t have made a better investment.

You are not only a gifted dancer, but a great instructor as well. I will be relying on your videos quite a bit, as I am not aware of any instructors here, in Northern Wisconsin.

I fell in love with Belly Dancing when I was about 5 years old, and had caught my first glimpse on the old show, Hawaii 5-0. Several years later, my mother purchased an instructional album/book combination for me to mess around with (I was in love). Sorry to say, I never got very far in my practice, but now at age 40, I have become consumed once again.

Thank you so much for your help. I plan to purchase additional videos, of yours, in the near future.

A fan forever…Cheryl Peterson

Hello Cory Zamora:

OH, WOW! Today I received DVD that Tomas put together for me, and i also, when i spoke with him i purchased 3 of your DVDs Standing moves, Sward and Tray, and Floormoves…..I received them this afternoon and just now, finished watching the last of the instructional DVDs, i by chance ended with the sWard and tray DVD and was not expecting all the incredible footage at the end of
you and the Family danceing at the Ren Fairs…wow! i am siting here or i should say trying to sit still long enough to write this email, as i am so inspired, happy , delighted and a bit over whelmed with the amount of inforamtion you share in all your DVDs…when you say that you will teach on the DVD as if we are there with you, you truely ment it and i am most greatful to you for sharing SO SO much of your knowledge on this magnificent dance form presented by you.

as i told Tomas, i have quite a few performance as well as instructional DVDs but NONE come even close to the amount of information and inspiration as yours do…

Your dancing is just beautiful, i also evened learned some great drumming from hearing all your wonderful drummers. all the other Dancers in the Family,…

Please tell Gregory that he has inspired me in a tramendous way as well, i really think it is the FreeStyle format that really invokes, unleashes and opens our heart to both dance the dance as well as even obsurve the dance. Do you teach men to do floormoves? all your floormoves have me intrigued, and ready to go. I want to move to Fresno and audition to Drum, zill and dance with the Family…

Another of the ladies in the troup i was in, is fed up with the whole thing and is so taken by floor work but the lady who teaches in the troup does NOT do or teach floorwork of any kind….Too Bad for her….;-) so the 5 of us are going to venture out together and start working with one another and shareing our dreams, hopes, desires, and help to get each of us up and out on the dance floor….

Thank you SO VERY MUCH Zamora

My most sincere passion goes out to you in thanks.

So much healing to be had through dance




Ruth Ellen Writes…

Just to say, got all the videos, You are just awesome as always…..saw the flyer…..thank you sooooooooo much for teaching me….continuously!!