Cory Zamora

Webster defines Master as a learned person; an artist or performer of great and exemplary skill; one who has control over something. When Cory dances this definition comes alive: you see a Master. She has the ability to tap into the energy of the music and make the music hers. It is not Cory who follows the music, the music follows her. Her ability is amazing. When she begins, she controls the room, putting those that are fortunate enough to observe in an awe-stricken trance.
B. Musson

About Cory

Cory Zamora is the only child of legendary inventor for Howard Hughes, and gunsmith to the stars, Manuel Zamora. Her mother Zelma still works 40 hour weeks at her printing business, Saddle Back Speed Printing, in Laguna Hills California. Dance instruction in Tap, Ballet, Flamenco, and interpretive were started at age 3 with Miss Ruth Kettle of Culver City, Ca. Further instruction was with Vaudeville brother and sister act, Joan and Bill Swore. Extensive study in method acting came with many workshops and classes in the Hollywood area. In Junior High and High School, Cory enjoyed membership in Thespians, and The Curtain Call Clubs.  

Age eleven brought vocal lessons with Bernice Mathison of Culver City. Her coloratura vocal skills were enjoyed by many in convert and opera productions in the Los Angeles area. Three years of scholarships from The Patrons Society for New Musicians of Santa Monica, put her in a vast public eye. With the passing of her father, she decided to focus all her attention on her first love, dance.

Her first view of Middle Eastern dance was at the famed Fez Supper club in Hollywood Ca. There she met her three teachers, Laura Best, Jenaeni Rathor, and Feiruz Aram. In 1972 Cory brought her knowledge of dance and production to the Central Valley, CA. Where she has earned the title of “The Valley’s Finest.” She proudly held the position of house dancer at Sassoon’s Armenian restaurant for 9 years till its closing, and still enjoys a family friendship with its owners, the Karoians to this day.

Cory’s focus is on the total package. All skills are strong not just a portion of the dance. All her students start zills (finger cymbals) on the 4th week of instruction. Floor, veil, and proficiency of all rhythms are required by anyone seeking to join this Family.

All service clubs know Ms. Zamora for her vast knowledge in lectures of history, and spirituality of the dance. She considers her dancers and musicians her family, and has devoted her life to these children.