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Cane Dancing, Zamora Power Style

An incomparable, rich and enriching set of instructions and demonstrations as Cory Zamora shows you how to dance with Power and Style. It is within the best traditions and new renditions of belly dancing with a cane, She does not treat the cane like a cute, delicate, feminine fancy stick. You learn how to put your own personality into the dance with cane. She begins with basic cane movements, such as Chugging, Figure 8 with Cane, Shimmy, dip, Equestrian move, The Hook with Camel, Can Can Step, Traveling, Man's Step, Pivot, Smacking, Spinning. Then she moves to Step-Kick moves, Saucy spin, Back foot Kick, 8 count, Forward & Backward, Loop the Loop, Stop Together Step, Step Push, Tap the Air. Other Manly Moves include The Hip, Head balancing, and Hands of the Soul. We also see live performances by Goddess Cory Zamora showing Cane in a Cabaret Setting, at a Renaissance Faire and free style.

Renaissance Faire >>> BDV-16

Duration: 45 minutes

Price: $19.95
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See for yourself just how great these bellydancing videos are!!
Bellydance Video Testimonials

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