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Male Belly Dance

There is an art to “Male Belly dancing.” It differs from how women traditionally do the dance. Now, you can learn from an accomplished Male Belly dancer, Wesley Gomes, of Seattle. Cory Zamora was his teacher and she provides insight into proper dress and style for Male Belly Dancers. Wesley explains and shows you how to dance like a man to the belly dance music. As the Belly dance becomes more poplar and is on the dance floor, rather than wish you could dance to Arabic music, you will be able to learn just how to move your arms, feet and body to the music and technically correct.

Wesley's easy to follow lessons include: Snake Arms, Chest Isolation, Weight Change Step, Figure 8 Rotation. The Camel, Flat Ball Ball Ball, Traveling Steps Backwards, Step Push and Walking Steps.

After these lessons, Wesley show you how he dances dance from various performances of both him and another cool Male Dancer, Gregory. So, don't be left out. Join in the fun and learn the Art of Male Belly dancing.

Learn the Art of Male Belly Dance  >>> BDV-14

Duration: 70 minutes

Price: $19.95
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See for yourself just how great these bellydancing videos are!!
Bellydance Video Testimonials

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